SMD 5050 LED flexibility Strip Light

1) Specifications:

1.Model No:SEG-led strip light-30led

30 led/meter Voltage:DC12V Power:7.2W/n Current:0.6A/m Luminous Flux:405Lm/m

2.Model No:SEG-led strip light-60led

60 led/m Voltage:DC12V Power:14.4W/n Current:1.2A/m Luminous Flux:810Lm/m

2) Advantage:

Color available: Warm White(2700~3300K); natural white(4000~4500K), pure white(5500~6500K), cold white(7000~9000K)

Protection rate: Non-waterproof, Epoxy coating(IP65), Silicon tube(IP67) and silicon tube with epoxy stuffed(IP68)

By using RF and knob single color controller, can adjust the brightness

Using 10mm width FPC board which is extremely thin, easy fasten,easy bend and cut,

Using standard DC12V power supplier, easy matching and safe.

Kinds of solutions are available for power supply,controller and connector assembly

Can design solutions according to the customers’ special requrement

3) Applications:

1. City lighting(building,ad wall, signboard, christmas sight decoration)
2. abnormity structure decoration(polygon wall, water drop shaped ceiling groove design in hotel, night club,KTV and so on)

3. Edge of hidden groove for living room(door frame,bar counter, gradevin,wardrobe, tv cabinet)
4. Auto beauty(body,bottom…)

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