Commercial HD Outdoor LED Digital Display Billboard P10 1/4 Scan 1R1G1B
advertising media, sports stadiums, airport station integrated information dissemination, business establishments, public square
Model: DI-S10o-1
Pixel pitch: P10mm

1. Hanging beam structural design makes it easy and fast for installation

2. Neat and Hidden Wiring allow the display more tidy and beautiful.

3. Hanging beam and the base come to unity, That is, hanging beam could be used as a base when we need to install display on
the floor. Even no back frame, the base can support the whole display if only the display’s weight is 4m more or less. Efficiently
utilize resources, reduce costs, convenient for installation .

4. locks on both sides of cabinet contribute to uniformity and flatness of two neighboring cabinets.

5. fast installation, a cabinet could be uninstalled in one minute.


Item No. DI-S10o-1
Pixel Pitch (mm) P10
Driving Method 1/4 Scan
Pixel Constitution 1R1G1B
Pixel Density (dot/m2) 10000
White Balance (CD/m2) 5500
Gray Scale 12bit
Color Quantity 68 Billion
Color Contrast 948
Refresh Frequency 300HZ-500HZ
Frame Frequency 60HZ
Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical) 120/60
Working Temperature 40
Working Humidity 30%~75%
Life Span 10 Years
Cabinet Net Weight (PCS) 55KG
Cabinet Size (W*H) 960mm*960mm*160mm
Working Voltage 220V / 110V
Rating Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet) 500W
Average Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet) 250W
Protection Grade (Front/Rear) IP67/IP65
Certificate CCC

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